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Short people have the inferiority complex and they lose their confidence due to their short height. As we all know height plays an important role in our personality. People with the tall body are considered much attractive and confident. There are various jobs these days where specific height standards are followed and only taller people are considered for that particular jobs. Short people have to suffer a lot due to their height growth. People make fun of their height and call them by various funny names.

There are many myths about height growth and one of them is it can be increased during puberty age or teenager. After reaching puberty our height growth stopped. There are so many people in the world whose height increased even after the twenties and or thirties. If you are one of them who want to grow taller and after puberty then you have to follow few tips. I am going to list natural ways to grow taller but there are many other ways too.

Exercises to Grow Taller

Exercising is the most common and the easiest way to grow taller. You can start exercising in your teenage to grow height. Stretching and various other exercises help to increase inches and you will notice the difference in your height. There are various exercises which you can do to grow your height. To follow proper exercise routine join local Gym and tell your instructor to guide you for height increase exercises. This will helps you and you will see results fast. Proper exercises and guidance are very important for height growth.

Meditation for Body Growth

Pituitary Gland meditation is one of the best and tested technique to grow tall. Many people noticed results with this technique. Meditation is a great way to control your body and mind. As you know pituitary gland stimulates human growth hormones and responsible for its generation. This meditation technique commands our mind to generate human growth hormones which are responsible for height growth.

Surgery to Grow Taller

Surgery is paid and expensive procedure to grow taller. This growth surgery is known as Limb lengthening surgery. This surgery is based on the concept that bone can be regenerated that is know as distraction osteogenesis (bone development). This process is also used for correction of deformities. In this process variety of techniques are used like monolateral (one-sided) and circular external fixation devices. It is a very successful process but still many people think that height can be increased by surgical means.