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How to File Insurance Claims with FEMA


FEMA provides flood insurance for people across the country. Making an insurance claim can be an intimidating process. However, it is important to make these claims to ensure that you receive the proper compensation for damage caused by water and flooding in your region.

If you have experienced a flood, you must contact your agent or your insurance company. You should file a claim with them as soon as possible. When you call them, be sure to have the name of your agent and company, your policy number and your preferred contact method, either telephone or email. Your agent should provide a time frame in which an adjuster will come to evaluate damage. If they do not offer this information, be sure to ask.

While you are waiting for an adjuster, you should begin sorting any damaged property from undamaged items. If, for any reason, you are required to dispose of damaged items, you should keep track of disposals for your adjuster. Your inventory can be through photographs, samples or lists of damages. If a contractor provides any damage estimates, keep a copy to provide to your adjuster. If possible, create a list of your damaged or lost property with the age and value of the specific items.

When your adjuster comes to evaluate your losses, they will provide a Proof of Loss form. This form will be how you make your official claim. You must file the official claim within 60 days of the original flood. Your insurance agency will process the form and negotiate proper compensation for your losses. In cases of widespread flooding damage, it may take some time to receive your claim.

It is important to note that although flood insurance is offered through FEMA, your claim will be processed through your individual insurance agency. Flood insurance agencies include Allstate, Century-National Insurance, Farmers, Nationwide, Pilgrim, and other, more local agencies. These are the agencies you should contact while filing an insurance claim, not FEMA directly.