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FEMA Will Reopen Hurricane Sandy Insurance Claims


Did you suffer property damage during Superstorm Sandy?

Hurricane Sandy was one of the largest and most destructive storms to come through the Atlantic. The storm affected islands in the Caribbean, as well as the northeastern section of the United States, including New Jersey and New York. Damages caused by the storm are estimated to have cost nearly $68 billion.

You may be eligible for additional FEMA payments

In the years to follow, FEMA has been accused of ‘bad practices’ and fraudulent activity. In April of 2015, FEMA will reopen all 144,000 flood insurance claims from Hurricane Sandy. Many residents of New Jersey, New York, and other states who were affected by the storm will have a chance to reopen their flood insurance claims.

FEMA will begin notifying the individuals who have filed a claim under the National Flood Insurance Program in April. If you think you have been wrongly compensated, you are able to ‘opt-in’ and reopen your claim. If you have already fixed many of the damages and were compensated accordingly, reopening your claim may still be beneficial to you. Reopening the claim may help you if problems arise in the future, for example, hidden damage or structural damage.

Everyone has a different claim and insurance policy. The amount you are able to receive will depend heavily on your flood insurance policy. Typically, for residential properties the maximum limit is $250,000 for homeowners and an additional $100,000 for their contents. For commercial properties the total is around $1,00,000.

We can help you reopen your insurance claims

If you are one of the many residents who feel that you have been wrongly compensated for the damage that occurred during Hurricane Sandy, we are here to help. As long as you filed a claim under the National Flood Insurance Program for damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, you can qualify for a free damage estimate.   A professional adjuster will determine the amount of damage to your property and the amount of money you should have received. Not only will we help you determine your actual damage costs, we will pay any legal fees that are necessary for you to reopen the claim.