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FEMA & Hurricane Sandy Recovery


Hurricane Sandy was one of the largest Atlantic storms in history, and FEMA’s response was a vital part of recovery from the hurricane. Sandy caused damage across the Atlantic coast, killing over 160 people, causing mass power outages, and damaging or destroying a huge amount of homes and businesses. Hurricane Sandy is estimated to have caused about $65 billion in damage throughout the United States. Beginning the recovery of Hurricane Sandy was a process. During and immediately after the storm, FEMA provided water, food, blankets, generators and safe spaces for those who were experiencing severe home damage.

After the storm, FEMA worked with other organizations to assist in returning energy, transportation, and fuel distribution companies to their usual activities. FEMA also created the Sheltering and Temporary Essential Power and Transitional Sheltering Assistance programs to help recovery for those whose homes were destroyed or lost all power. These programs allowed people time to work on their home recovery without having to worry about finding temporary housing. A variety of other programs provided money, assistance and other aid to help Sandy victims with their recovery. $5 billion was give in loans through the Small Business Administration to aid in business recovery after Hurricane Sandy. The Sandy Recovery Improvement Act was passed in 2013 to help FEMA provide faster and better disaster recovery assistance to victims and survivors of Hurricane Sandy.

As of 2014, there were still a large number of people displaced by Hurricane Sandy, who had not found new or replacement housing. Despite the many programs meant to offer recovery aid to Sandy victims, a data analysis done by FEMA showed that less than half of the victims who had requested recovery assistance received aid. It is believed that many homeowners were denied aid due to faked reports by their insurance companies. A lawsuit has been filed against many of the insurance companies to receive the proper recovery aid necessary. FEMA will also review the recovery claims from Hurricane Sandy.