Home News FEMA Awards NYC $3 Billion for Hurricane Sandy Repairs

FEMA Awards NYC $3 Billion for Hurricane Sandy Repairs


In an effort to repair not only Hurrican Sandy-induced but their image as well, FEMA has New York City the largest payout in FEMA history with a whopping $3 billion dollars.

The money issued will be used to repair 33 different housing complexes in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens that were ravaged during the massive 2012 superstorm. About $1.5 billion of the funds will go to towards fixing floors, roofs, heating and electrical machinery, and so forth. The other half of the funds will then go towards storm proofing measures such as flood barriers, generators, and elevated boilers.

During a conference from a Red Hook housing complex, Mayor de Blasio proclaimed his happiness over the repair grant. “You can’t ask for anything more than that. That’s as good as it gets,” he stated.

Of course the grant no doubt helps repair some controversy pertaining to FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program. After an investigation, it was determined that adjusters and insurances companies overseen by FEMA were undercutting homeowners and companies who had suffered damage from Hurricane Sandy. During the investigation, it was noted that these companies were altering reports of structured damage. By reporting no structural damage, the companies were able to save billions for FEMA.