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There are a lot of coffee filters available on the market today, but it can be challenging for you to choose the right one for you. So, check out the difference between two primary styles- reusable coffee filters and filter papers so that you can quickly decide which one to buy as per your preference.

The paper coffee filter is the disposable filter and is quite common among st the number of brewing techniques including the Chem ex and Oppress. But within the reusable category of filters, you will find plenty of options like mesh filter, the stainless-steel filter, the cloth filter, and even a gold coffee filter. Although each of the types looks unique, the filtration procedure is the same.

Each style is designed to sit on the top of the dripper with the ground beans to put inside. After you add warm water to it, the concentrated coffee will drip in your container, leaving the ground within the filter to make sure you get a smooth brew. It is the reason that filtered coffee has become so famous.

1. Size

The size of the paper filters is available in 1, 2, 4, and 6. The sizes hike based on the quantity of coffee that they can brew. If you brew one cup, then the tiny size is preferred, or if you brew multiple cups at one time, then you should look for the bigger sizes.

Reusable filters don’t just vary in the size as much as their paper counterparts. For the most part, you will get the mesh, gold filters, and stainless steel, in one size. There are exceptions for large brewing quantities, but these would not be suitable for the easy homebrew for one or two cups. The cloth coffee filters come in a different size than the other reusable coffee filters.

2. Easy to Use

Both the reusable and paper filters are simple to use. Paper filters often need folding multiple times to make the conical shape and to safeguard its structural integrity, but they are easy to dispose of after use. Thus it doesn’t create any trouble with cleaning the filter afterward.

Reusable filters don’t need any preparation as they are ready to be put right on your dripper. Thereby, this style does not require cleaning after use.

3. Flavor

Both filters will give you a yummy tasting coffee. The best way to know which style of filter offers the best taste for you is to try both and then decide.

4. Health

Paper filters eliminate certain oils form the grounds via absorption as these oils are connected to boost cholesterol but Permanent filters do not remove these oils. So, the disposable one has the more health advantages as compared to the permanent filters. But you should not consider them as life-endangering as they don’t pose any high-level health hazards to your body.

5. Durability

The reusable filters have a long lifespan as compared to the paper filters as the disposable ones only last once per brew. So, while considering which style is the most affordable for you, take into account how often you filter coffee and how much you are ready to spend.